World-class features for your world-class website.

Create a purpose-driven website with the best technology, the best content management and the best engagement tools.

Feature #1: Modern, responsive design that looks great on any device

Fully customisable Header with dozens of features

Site-wide and fully responsive giving experience

Feature-rich with tools to allow you to easily engage with your audience

Feature #2: WYSIWYG editor

Simple to use and fully responsive settings panels make editing content easy

A full WYSIWYG editing experience, fully integrated with the brand-new WordPress editor

Feature #3: World-class donation experience

The most user friendly giving experience available

GDPR ready, with required checkbox with option to add link/s

This is a donation block. Give it a go, use credit card no. 424242424242424


Processing ...
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Oops, remember to read the terms and check this box to confirm you agree with them.

There’s 3 difference types of donations. Here’s quick donations that work great midway through content:

Users can make donations without ever leaving the page – great for conversions!

This is a quick donation. Give it a go, use credit card no. 424242424242424

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Oops, you need to read the terms and agree with them before you donate

Donations also work great on mobile devices

Feature #4: WYSIWYG Header builder

With dozens of settings, create your Header just as you want it

Fully responsive; works great on mobile, tablet and desktop!

Feature #5: Campaign-ready Contact Form 7 Templates

Be the envy of other WordPress sites with forms designed to convert

Go ahead, give this form a go!

Feature #6: WYSIWYG Footer builder

Create a professional, fully responsive footer with ease

Have up to 5 columns, with multiple menus in each

Feature #7: Settings panels to actually get excited over

Every setting you change, updates in real time, so you can see your changes before saving

Captivate your audience with the easiest, most affordable way to create a purpose-driven website, packed with features that go beyond anything you’ve seen before.

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