Built on the brand new WordPress editor, Campaign Pro provides a full WYSIWYG editing experience.

Key Content Management features:

  • A full WYSIWYG editing experience. And we really do mean WYSIWYG – as in pixel perfect.
  • Header and Footer also display on the edit screen, so you can create your content knowing exactly how it will look on the front-end.
  • Copy and paste content from one page to another, duplicate content, move multiple blocks at the same time, an amazing mobile editing experience.

Enjoy the most advanced content management experience in the world.

Create stunning, media rich content with a full WYSIWYG canvas that works beautifully on any device.

Each custom block comes with handy, easy to use settings that offer a rich editing experience that allow you to craft things just the way you want.

The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. Experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living.

This is a content managers dream! Try it out NOW.

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