World-class features for your world-class campaign. A detailed look at the features of Campaign Pro.

Captivate your audience with the easiest, most affordable way to create a high-impact website–packed with features that go beyond anything you’ve seen before.

Read on for a detailed look at the features of Campaign Pro.

12+custom content blocks for complete flexibility

UKbased premium support comes as standard

DOCSwell documented, check out the knowledge base

5stunning high impact contact form templates + create your own

UP ⇡scale up your site with ease

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Key features:

  • Modern, responsive design that looks great on any device
  • WYSIWYG content editor
  • World-class donation experience
  • WYSIWYG Header and  Footer builders
  • Campaign-ready Contact Form 7 Templates
  • Settings panels to actually get excited over (every setting you change, updates in real time, so you can see your changes before saving)

Detailed feature list:

  • World-class donation experience. Start accepting Stripe-powered donations in less than 5 minutes (and wave goodbye to PayPal and clunky unfriendly donation forms)
  • A WYSIWYG builder that looks and feels just like WordPress. Campaign Pro comes with a mobile- friendly WYSIWYG builder, allowing you to create amazing experiences with no coding.
  • Amazingly scalable. Whether you need a 1 page site or 500 page site – Campaign Pro is built for scale.
  • Mobile-first and responsive. Mobile-first and fully responsive. From 4” screens to 40, Campaign Pro looks and works great.
  • More than just options. Campaign Pro comes with amazingly simple, mobile-friendly settings panels that allow you to change over 200 different options.
  • Immersive images. Single images and galleries come with fullscreen image zoom – create immersive visual experiences for your users.
  • Flexibility like no other. Re-think campaigns, with a results-driven, engagement centric approach – Campaign Pro is powerful enough for any campaign. And flexible enough to accommodate almost anything else.
  • Colours, colours, colours. Universally set colours for buttons (incl hover, active and focus state) and the alert to match your brand perfectly.
  • Integration with Google Fonts and Typekit. Choose fonts from Google Fonts or Typekit with simple copy and paste functionality (supports two fonts at any time, so great for font pairing!)
  • Performance at its core. Built to be blisteringly fast and rock-solid. Campaign Pro conforms to WP best practices, works when JS is disabled, serves lower resolution images when needed and works on ie9+ (the list goes on…).
  • Continuous improvement. We’re constantly updating Campaign Pro, and welcome ideas and suggestions from Campaign Pro’ers – just get in touch.

Included content blocks:

  • Donations – Start accepting Stripe-powered donations today.
  • Take Action – A high-impact way to start a page. Works great for campaigns.
  • Grid – Create a grid jam-packed with all sorts of awesome stuff (inc social media share links).
  • Hero – A great way to start a page – and feature rich too, with dozens of easy-to-use settings.
  • Accordion – Content areas which expand like the musical instrument, great for faqs, lists etc.
  • Big Text – Make a statement with some big text (great for homepage).
  • Forms – Display a form (Campaign Pro comes with 5 Contact Form 7 templates).
  • Section – Similar to the Hero, but works great midway through content too.
  • Stats – Got some stats/numbers to shout about? Do so with style with the ‘Stats’ block.
  • Alert – Got something important to say? Use an alert. Great to grab visitors’ attention.
  • Display Posts – Choose to show the latest posts, campaigns or events, or manually select which to show.
  • Video – Seamlessly integrate videos from YouTube and Vimeo, with mobile-optimisation and plenty of settings.
  • Author Info – Display info about the author. Works great as the first block on posts.

Plus: Paragraph, Image, Heading, Gallery, List, Quote, Audio, Cover, File, Video, Preformatted, Code, Custom HTML, Pullquote, Table, Verse, Button, Columns, Media-Text, More, Nextpage: Page Break, Separator, Spacer, Shortcode, Archives, Categories, Latest Comments, Latest Posts, Embeds.


I don't know any coding, can I use Campaign Pro?

Absolutely! Campaign Pro comes with an amazingly simple WYSIWYG builder that allows you to create world-class campaigns without writing a single line of code.

Do you provide support?

Yep, we offer top-notch UK-based support as standard, so if you do get stuck, get in touch with we’ll do everything we can to help.

Create a site with Campaign Pro in less than 30 seconds. Plans start at $0.00.