This article is for the cloud and self-hosted versions of Campaign Pro.


Campaign Pro comes with a modern, innovative Footer that is jam packed with campaign-ready features. Read on to find out how you can make the most of it.

In this section:

  1. Head over to the Footer settings page
  2. Click the Footer and the settings panel will appear
  3. Footer basics
  4. Supplementary Footer
  5. Main Footer
  6. Colophon
  7. Click “Update”

Head over to the Footer settings page by going to Theme Settings >> Footer (self-hosted version) or Campaign Pro Settings >> Footer (cloud version).

Hover over Theme Settings in the left hand menu and then click Footer

You’re now on the Footer settings page, when you visit this screen for the first time you’ll see a placeholder (below). Simply click on the placeholder [1] and the settings panel will appear.

The settings panel will display on the right of the screen on desktop, and will cover the whole screen on mobile

The sections of the Footer are optional (as is the Footer itself), you’re free to mix and match and use some parts and not others, offering complete flexibility.

Campaign Pro comes with a feature-rich Footer to allow you to tailor it to your campaign. You can add a CTA (call to action), menus, images (great for funder logos, sponsors etc), text as well as full control over colours.

You can build your Footer with the WYSIWYG builder – as you change settings it will update in real-time so you can see how it will look before saving.

3.1 How the settings are structured

The settings are separated in to 3 sections, these are:

  • Supplementary Footer
    • Displays CTA (call to action) and text (along with colour settings).
  • Main Footer
    • You can display up to 5 columns with up to 2 menus in each (so a total of 10 menus if your site is a big ‘un.
  • Colophon
    • Add some text and up to 2 images (great for funder logos, sponsors etc), along with colour settings.
The Footer settings are separated in to these 3 sections

The Supplementary Footer displays above the Main Footer and Colophon, and allows you to add a Call to Action (CTA) and some text.

To add a supplementary footer click Supplementary Footer [1], set the background colour [2] and text colour [3] (or leave as defaults), add some text [5] and add a button by clicking Add a Button [6].

Settings for the Supplementary Footer

The Main Footer allows you to add up to 5 columns, each with up to 2 menus.

To add a main footer click Main Footer [1], set the background colour [2], label colour [3] and colour for links [4] (or leave as defaults), add then to add a column simply by clicking Add Column [5].

Add a label for the menu [6] (it displays above the menu, like a heading), select the menu [7] and you can click Add Another Menu [8] if you want to add another menu to the column (where you”’ be able to add a label/heading and select the menu for that one too). To add another column click Add Column [9].

As you’re adding/re-arranging menus etc you’ll see the Footer update real-time, so you can make sure you’re happy with your Footer before you save.

6. Colophon

The Colophon sits right at the bottom of the Footer stack; here you can add things like links to t’s and c’s, funder/supporter logos etc. The kind of stuff that isn’t important to most of your visitors, but you may be obliged to put on your site.

To add a colophon click Colophon [1], set the background colour [2] and text colour [3] (or leave as defaults), add text [4] (you can also make it bold, italic, add links etc) and you can add an image by clicking Add Image [5] and choosing the image from the Media Library (you can add up to 2 images). Finally, you can remove the ‘Crafted with Campaign Pro’ message by clicking Remove ‘Crafted with Campaign Pro’ [6].

7. Click “Update”

With your Footer good to go simply click Update and it will display on your site.

And that’s it! You’ve now mastered managing your Footer with Campaign Pro 🙂