This article is for the cloud and self-hosted versions of Campaign Pro.


A great way to start a page – and feature rich too, with dozens of easy-to-use settings.

Comes jam-packed with easy-to-use features.

Add beautiful, high quality gradients to add mood and style to your images.

This is a hero 🙂

And this is a button (obvs)

Create a high-impact heading, and include a button – great for highlighting something important.

Heroes are really flexible. Here’s a minimalist approach, used mid-way through content to separate sections. 

Chapter #1

Enjoy full control over colours, set background and text colours, and choose left, right or center text alignment.

Just like all the other blocks, The Hero comes with easy-to-use settings, so you can be in complete control over how your Hero looks.

Every setting you change, updates in real time, so you can see your changes before saving


What settings can I change?

You can change:

  • Text
    • Alignment (left, center, right)
    • Colour
    • Heading level (or use p tag)
  • Link
    • Text
    • URL
    • Open in new tab
  • Background
    • Image
      • Alignment (top, bottom, center)
    • Colour
    • Gradient
    • Opacity
      • Colour
  • Class
  • ID