This article is for the cloud and self-hosted versions of Campaign Pro.

Setting up donations

Campaign Pro comes with the most user friendly donations of any giving platform. Setting up Stripe (the payment gateway) takes just a few minutes – read on for more info.

1. Create a Stripe account

Campaign Pro’s donations are powered by Stripe, an online payments platform that processes billions of $ every year (find out more about Stripe). If you’ve bought something online before, chances are you’ve used Stripe.

If you haven’t got a Stripe account, head over to to create one (it takes about 15secs).

2. Set your Stripe keys

2.1 Get the Stripe keys from the Stripe dashboard

  • On the Stripe dashboard click Developers [1] >> API Keys [2]
  • Copy the Publishable key [3] and the Secret key [4] (click ‘Reveal live key token’) to view the secret key.
  • Click View test data [5] and copy the publishable key and secret key from there too.

2.2 Paste the keys on your site

On your WordPress site go to Stripe Payments >> Settings

You can access the settings from the left hand menu on the WordPress dashboard

Once you’re on the settings page, scroll down and paste your Publishable Key [1], Secret Key [2], Test Key [3] and your Test Secret Key [4] in to the boxes and click save at the bottom on the page.

Once you entered the keys in the boxes, click save at the bottom of the page

Stripe is now set-up! But there’s a few extra things worth setting up to make sure your users have a great experience

3. Useful settings

3.1 Live/Test toggle

On the settings page (just above the boxes where you enter your Stripe keys) there’s a checkbox labelled Live Mode, when this is checked, payments/donations can be taken using real cards, but to test your Stripe set-up uncheck the box and use the Stripe test card details to make sure everything is working.

3.2 Email settings

Click the Email Settings tab to change various settings for the emails that will get sent when a donation is made. You can choose whether emails are sent out, the subject and content of emails, the from address and various other settings. Make sure you test your email settings with test donations, and remember, sending a good email to someone who has just donated is a great way to personalise the giving experience.

3.3 “Thank You” page

When a supporter makes a donation they are re-directed to a ‘Thank You’ page. When you initially install Stripe Payments this will be set as ‘Checkout-Result’. Tailoring your thank you page will make sure your supporters have the best donation experience possible.

Finally, don’t forget to test!

Make sure you test your donation flow, check your emails and thank you page for typos etc; remember, you want to make sure people who are willing to donate to you have a great experience, as they’ll likely be supporters and advocates of yours! Treat them well!


What's SSL? And how do I set it up?

All cloud plans come with SSL (when using a subdomain).

SSL is an encrypted connection between your website and your site visitors’ browser. It means that no one can eavesdrop on the connection. This is important when the user might be sharing things like address and debit/credit card details.

If you’re going to be accepting donations on your website (or have a contact form or anything else that asks for user information) then you need to have SSL on your site.

Setting up SSL varies depending on your host, and the type of SSL certificate you require. Take a look at Hubspots guide to SSL to get an overview of SSL, and some useful links. Symantec have also created a handy PDF guide to SSL, take a look at Symantec’s SLL guide here.

If the links above don’t help with setting up SSL on your site, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you get SSL set-up.

How do I add donations to my site?

Through the Donations Block (visit the donations article), and/or by adding donations to the Header (visit the Header article).