A simple and transparent way to capture valuable leads

The main difference between purpose-driven activities and others is the sense of trying to achieve something or realise a goal. Examples could be getting sales, attendees to your event, email newsletter sign-ups, volunteers or donations (amongst many other things).

Campaign Pro is a great partner for when you need to be purposeful, allowing you to create high impact content with a “Take Action” element, where you can mobilise your audience.

If you’ve taken a look at the Campaign Pro demo site, you may have noticed the “Take Action” templates (links below). These are really smart ways to focus on specific things, like events, campaigns or even eBooks, PDF downloads or anything else you can think of.

There are lots of ways to mobilise, or engage with, your audience, and a sure-fire way to do this is by offering them something. Combine that with eliciting a response and you have a high-impact way to capture leads and build a relationship with those who’ve expressed an interest in what you’re offering.

And whatever you are offering, whether it’s an opportunity to attend a really cool event, or a 10-page eBook on GDPR, don’t miss the opportunity to capture leads as and when the opportunity arises. And just as importantly, do it in a fair and transparent way with your leads fully aware of what you’re doing.

Let’s just say, for example, you’ve written a 10-page eBook on GDPR, you could just put the link up on your site, and link to it via social media. OR, you could do something that is more valuable to both you and your audience, something like offering your amazing eBook, where someone has to simply provide their email to get the link to download the eBook emailed to them, with the offer of you following up with any questions they may have. It’s win win, because you’re qualifying your leads (if they want your content, that’s a good indicator that they want what you’re offering), and you can then look to build a rep with them over the coming weeks/months. And what’s more, it’s something your audience initiate by pro-actively giving their details.

Here’s some examples , built on Campaign Pro: